#Reunion Tourism breaks arrival record in 2017


(Posted 22nd February 2018)





This year 2017 was particularly intense for Reunion and very profitable for the tourism professionals of the island after more than 500 000 tourists were received. That is 11% more than in 2016, which had already had the best results since 2012.

2017 has also allowed the cruise industry to develop further and take off as the number of passengers arriving on cruise ships on the island also set an all-time record: 35 vessels and more than 43,276 cruise passengers landed on the island during that period.

It is important to note that the increase in tourist numbers in 2017 had an immediate effect on the local economy as the threshold of 350 million euros of external revenue related to tourism was crossed.

All these data demonstrate not only the effectiveness of the marketing strategies put in place by the Reunion Island Tourism (IRT), the Reunion Region and its satellites over the year 2017, but also and especially the tourist movement in which Destination Reunion’s stakeholders have worked hand in hand to accomplish this success.
Metropolitan France remains the most buoyant market for the island with 78.3% of total visitors. The number of tourists coming from France increased by 7.59% compared to 2016 with 397,338 tourists.

After the French homeland are the neighbors in the Indian Ocean who have discovered the destination since the number of tourists from the area has increased by nearly 46% over one year and represents today 6% of total attendance with 64,104 tourists.

Moreover, the shares on the European market (and in particular Germany) continue to bear fruit for this zone, which today represents 6% of total attendance with 30,496 tourists , which is 4.37% more than last year.

The leisure clientele remains largely in the majority and represents 88.9% of the total volume of arrivals on our island, supplemented by 10.3% of business tourism.The average length of stay of these foreign tourists is 17 days, a figure that remains significant for a long-haul destination like Reunion.

As far as accommodation is concerned, the hotel industry has once again reaffirmed and even strengthened its leading position in the category “commercial accommodation” on the destination. More than 108,000 tourists chose to reside in one of the hotels on the island during their trip, which is 11.48% more than in 2016.


If more and more international visitors choose Reunion, tourists are also more and more satisfied with their experience on the island. 9 out of 10 tourists, or more precisely 98.9% of them, are satisfied or very satisfied with the overall tourist quality of the Réunion destination. At the same time, nearly 98.6% of them are delighted by the quality of the welcome on the island (satisfied or very satisfied), an essential indicator for the development of the Reunion Island Quality Tourism Quality label. Reunion Island Tourism.

The tourist accommodation have attracted 97% of visitors in 2017 and professional catering and entertainment they followed suit since they show a satisfaction rate from the tourists 98% and 97.1 respectively % over the period.

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