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Lola Delivers!
Lola delivers!
We are delighted to announce that Lola the black rhino, star of our augmented reality game ‘Safari Central’, successfully delivered her first calf on February 1st. We had all been keeping close tabs on her as she grew bigger and bigger, and the safe arrival of her baby was cause for great celebration amongst the Ol Pejeta team. This calf brings our number of black rhinos to 115 which means we are still by far the biggest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa. And we think that is very special because black rhinos continue to face enormous poaching threats.

As yet, the calf has no name – but for US$1,000 this privilege can be yours, and the funds will go towards ensuring a secure future for this beautiful little creature.

// email roxanne.mungai to find out more.

Going Solar
Going solar
In our current climate, a greater environmental conscience is not just a responsibility, it’s a moral duty. We, as an organisation, are aiming to be 100% renewable energy powered by 2023 and also aim to be “100% recycled” by 2020. The transformation started back in 2016 with the conversion of one our main water pumps from diesel to solar. Not only does the new system save around US$7,000 in maintenance and fuel, but it offers far greater tracking and management of water as well as reducing the conservancy’s carbon footprint. The next project – Nyumba Nne diesel generator to solar – is already underway and should be complete in the next month.

// green is the new black

Step up for vultures
These somewhat unloved birds – disliked for their less than attractive appearance and diet of carrion – are absolutely vital for our eco-systems. True, they are not the most glamorous beings on the savannah, but they keep the environment healthy for everybody else. They are at huge risk however, as their numbers are in steep decline thanks to human/wildlife conflict in which predators are poisoned for attacking livestock. The Peregrine Fund have set up a sensitisation and response campaign in northern Kenya called “Stop Poisonings Now” in order to enlist the help of communities in dealing with the issue.

// read more and watch the video

Step up for vultures
Pelican House
Watch this space for a brand new Pelican House!
We are very excited to be making some changes to Pelican House. It’s all about building a better experience for our visitors.

When it reopens in early May, Pelican House will have a new deck, a new kitchen and living cooking area, improved Wi-Fi, showers and a honeymooners’ suite. This amazing house in the bush will offer a holiday not to be missed.

// You can make your booking now for later in the year and make sure you are one of the first to enjoy the new and improved Pelican House. Email us on info

Ol Pejeta CEO runs for rangers
Every day, thousands of wildlife rangers put their lives on the line protecting our wildlife. Ol Pejeta and ForRangers have partnered to launch the Virtual Ultra Marathon – which will raise money for rangers while whipping participants into shape. We have an impressive 31 competitors from all over the world battling it out in a race across our virtual map – their little colourful markers gradually progressing along the route. We are happy to announce that Ol Pejeta CEO, Richard Vigne, is leading by example – well, he’s coming 10th so far. If you don’t believe us, you can check out the leaderboard and donate to support the participants by clicking on their profile picture.
Richard Vigne, CEO
Shades of Grey
Shades of Grey – Have you got your tickets?
Human beings have driven rhinos to the brink of extinction and unless we intervene now, our children may not see rhinos in the wild in the near future.

Ol Pejeta and Helping Rhinos are partnering once again to host a spring talk on rhino conservation on the 15th March 2018 in London, titled ‘Shades of Grey: Seven Saviours of Rhino.’ The talk will explore the ‘seven saviours’ of rhino conservation and what role we can all play to ensure the protection of this iconic species.

The keynote speaker for the event is TV Vet Steve Leonard. Ol Pejeta CEO, Richard Vigne, and his Helping Rhinos counterpart, Simon Jones, will give inspirational talks on their work, as well as Animals Saving Animals Founder, Darryl Pleasants.

// book your tickets now to avoid disappointment

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