#IDC buys new Beech 1900D


(Posted 28th February 2018)

According to information received from the Seychelles has the Islands Development Company bought another, second, Beech 1900D at a cost of over 2.1 million US Dollars. The aircraft was previously registered in South Africa and underwent heavy maintenance before being flown to the Seychelles’ main island of Mahe where IDC’s airwing is based.
The aircraft, already registered in the Seychelles by the Seychelles CAA as S7-DES will assist IDC to operate more tourist charters to some of the outlying islands, where national airline Air Seychelles is not flying to.
Among the destinations served by the IDC aircraft with varying frequencies are Alphonse Island, Desroches Island and others, by charter or by scheduled flights.
It is understood that IDC could buy a third such aircraft later in the year, depending on demand but in turn sell of some of their smaller aircraft.
The Beech 1900D is a twin turboprop 19 seater aircraft with a pressurized cabin for the added comfort of passengers.