Dates for the 3rd East African Bicycle Tour announced


(Posted 04th March 2018)

John Balongo a few hours ago confirmed that the planning for the next bicycle tour across Eastern Africa are already underway.
What was until now called the Tour D’ EAC has been named 3rd East African Bicycle Tour with the theme focusing on sustainable development in the region, food security and environment.

Said John upon the completion of the 2017 edition of the tour: ‘The most exciting hit high spot of Tour d EAC 2018 is the hoisting the EAC flag at the highest peak in East Africa. Tour D EAC 2018 seeks to mobilize all East African Citizens, organizations, companies, leaders, and everyone to join in the hoisting of the EAC Flag at the Highest Peak of East Africa. Our intention to hoist the EAC flag at the highest peak in the East African Community is simply to signify the heights at which we want to see the integration turn into a reality. We are very much ware and we know that, It requires, patience, determination, self belief, sacrifice, discipline, motivation to climb a mountain. These are same characters we need if the integration is to be realized. campfire logs guild believe that if the community learns about its history, we can realize this goal
Am sure you wouldn’t want to miss being part of the 3rd East African Bicycle Tour. (Tour d EAC 2018). There is a lot of challenges, too much fun, a lot of adventure. The tour will start in Tanzania with a 7 day hike up the Kilimanjaro Mountain. You must be part of the 1st East Africans to Hoist the EAC flag on the Highest peak in East Africa. Sign up now


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