#Seychelles Tourism Academy students tops her class at #Shannon


(Posted 07th April 2018)

Shylla Auguste from the Seychelles Tourism Academy just completed her Bachelor Degree in Business Studies and International Hotel Management at the Shannon College of Hotel Management which is part of the National University of Ireland.

She completed her course on top of her class, the third Seychellois student to do so over the space of just 5 years.
Shylla was part of a group of 12 Seychellois students attached this year to Shannon under a Memorandum of Understanding between the two training institutions signed in 2008. She was first in a class of 71 students from around the world taking this course.
STA has MoU’s in place with a number of top global training institutions as far as Shanghai, Oman and Malta from which not only students benefit but which also facilitate lecturer exchanges.

The Seychelles Tourism Academy, led by veteran educator Flavien Joubert, has reinvented itself over the past years as Africa’s best such training school. Now near the end of phase two of a three phase expansion and modernization is the college based at La Misere and considered one of the world’s tourism and hospitality training institutions with the most scenic setting.
Congratulations to Shylla and all the best in her future career.

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