The Saint Ange Tourism Report – Volume 2 Edition 26 of 2018


(Posted 02nd July 2018)

As every week has Alain St. Ange just published his weekly report from the Seychelles and readers of are once again able to read it:

The editorial this week highlights:

a. Tourism consultancy missions in five African States.

b. Seychelles National Day 2018.

c. Seychelles suffers a further blow in saving its Assumption Island. d. €2m for sea defences to protect beaches and hotels of La Digue.
e. Albert Geers knighted.
f. Being proud of one’s culture is often said, but do we mean it?

Stand alone articles this week start with:

1. Denis Private Island of Seychelles makes big leap into renewable energy.

2. Tourism Book by Minister Elvis Mutiri wa Bashara launched in Kinshasa by Minister Jean-Lucien Bussa and Alain St.Ange.
3. Smart Destinations – UNWTO meeting.

4. Seychelles has fared well for the first half of 2018, says STB Chief Executive at annual mid-year marketing.

5.Vanilla has reached US $ 515 per kilo in June.

6. Seaweed now exploited for Seychelles by Seychellois.
7. Assises des Outre-Mer: Emmanuel Macron of France reaffirms the State’s full support for projects in region Réunion.

8. Yellow Fin Tuna in Seychelles – a catch of 30 weighing 30 – 40 kg each & more fish.
9. The top 10 places in the world to travel to if you want to de-stress – Trip Advisor. 10. Daniella Payet-Alis flies the Seychelles flag in the North Pole

11. Sunscreen kills coral? Seychellois team selling safer product for ocean
12. Hidden Pleasures on Private Isles (Seychelles makes the list with its Fregate Island).

13. TUI offers value guarantee for worldwide excursion programme.
14. Congratulations to Captain Caroline D’Offay.

15. International Newswires continue to republish our Report.