Drivers for online rides hold out for better terms


(Posted 05th July 2018)

Commuters and individuals relying on app based transportation in Nairobi have been forced to revert to the more regular taxis to get from one point to another as drivers for the UBER’s, Little’s and Taxify’s have been going slow in search of better terms and conditions.
Sources from Nairobi have suggested that the drivers are seeking improvements on two major fronts, an increase in fare levels and a lowering of commissions by the respective companies which retain some 25 percent of the overall fare – way too much in view of the drivers.
Hotel limos and regular cabs, at the airport, at hotels and across the city, were said to be operating at capacity though drivers of app based transportation companies have been reported to carry their ‘regulars‘ on direct contract but otherwise leave the apps on their phones disabled as a sign of protest.
It is understood that a delegation of drivers met senior ministry of transport officials earlier in the week to discuss their demands.