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Travel blogging seems to be fun and stylish, and I have written several articles on how to blog and travel (CLICK HERE), but what you are not told is that it is not always fun. In Fact it is more of work than fun it self, this is mostly if you vlog.

Being that I blog and vlog (upload travel videos on YouTube), I always have to make sure I carry my necessary camera kit for EVERY travels so I can deliver excellent videos and pictures.

This is mostly “work” because while everyone is busy having fun and living in the moment, you are busy making sure you capture the perfect moment, and getting that perfect shot needs a little effort.

So really, what you are not told about being a travel blogger/vlogger is the work that goes into it, especially if you have a weekly schedule, and you have to edit posts, edit videos, edit pictures, and edit everything that needs to be edited, including posting pictures on Instagram! Yep! That is work too, sometimes I feel like I need a social media handler, but I feel like the person might not get my “undiscovered style”…lol

So yeah, that is really all I think you should know when or before you sign up for this. I hope this made sense, and probably prepared your mind if you plan to start a blog soon.

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