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(Posted 06th July 2018)

My header is from Wildlife Camp, South Luangwa. The caption was: Winter sunset. Quite cold this year or maybe we are getting old !!!
This was followed by a comment: Vote for old

The opening salvo was taken from a video by Gavin Opie of Nkonzi Camp, South Luangwa.

The Weather

We are in our cold season now. Temperatures, especially along rivers, can drop to 0ºC. During the day the temperatures can rise to about 30ºC if we are lucky. Definitely all travellers should have jumpers and jackets with them. There have been a few short showers but, as with May, these showers have come up from the south and are quite unusual.

The Parks

June is the start of the main safari season in the parks. All the bush camps are open. The grass is still quite long but yellowing, ready to fall over. Some park roads are still a bit boggy so self-drive need to check on road conditions before setting out on a journey.

In Kafue teams have been out doing an early burn under supervision. Being such a large park with few natural boundaries, the park is susceptible to wild fires later on in the season when temperatures are very high. These teams burn firebreaks to keep the environment safe.

The floods down the Upper Zambezi River are slowly receding and the Victoria Falls are reducing in their ferocity. With the river going down, the whitewater rafting in the gorges resumed at the end of the month.

Lake Kariba which had been low for several years is filling up and has reached over 80% of its capacity. The islands which had appeared in the lake when the water was low are being submerged.

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