#Segera’s Bird Nest – a night time safari experience second to none


(Posted 08th July 2018)


(Birdnest at the Segera Retreat)

Segera and NAY PALAD have joined forces to launch the one-of-a-kind Bird Nest at THE award-winning five star Segera Retreat in Kenya – arguably one of the most innovative and luxurious sleep-out experiences in Africa and certainly unique for Eastern Africa.

Built alongside a river teeming with wildlife, the NAY PALAD Bird Nest offers a breathtaking escape in the heart of Laikipia – one of Kenya’s most iconic safari locations. Renowned for its sheer luxury and bespoke service, Segera focuses on creating the most intimate, private and personalized experiences for its guests and the new NAY PALAD Bird Nest offers just that, and more. (https://atcnews.org/2018/07/03/segeraretreat-five-star-made-in-kenya/)

Perched above the treetops is this amazing suite on high stilts overlooking a river and the seemingly endless plains. The Bird Nest is a new concept of nesting and sleeping like a bird – above the ground, with literally a 360 degree bird’s eye-view of the surrounding wilderness.
The entire nest structure is built and designed from local materials, such as farmed wood and actual tree branches which have been woven into a nest by local community members. The interior of the suite features all the trimmings guests could hope for including – even at this lofty height – a fully-equipped bathroom with running water, of course solar heated.

A collaboration between Segera and Carolin Dekeyser, founder of NAY PALAD, creator of artisanal objects and magical destinations, both envisioned a peaceful jewel at the very heart of the natural world.
With architect Daniel Pouzet’s imaginative approach to design bringing their idea of a bird nest to life, they have created an inspiring living space unlike anything else in the world.

As close friends and supporters of Segera, we were delighted to work with the talented NAY PALAD team to bring this incredible vision to life”, commented Segera GM, Jens Kozany. “We cannot wait to welcome our guests to this peaceful haven and to offer them a truly authentic and unique sleep-out experience, one that is sure to surpass expectations”.

Guests wishing to spend a night at the Bird Nest will arrive there just before sunset, after enjoying an exhilarating game drive or bush walk. The nest is lit up with lanterns while “Sundowners” of champagne and culinary delights laid out on the top deck. Beds invite on the top deck and within the shelter of the first floor as they are prepared with luxurious linens and comforting hot water bottles, ready for the night ahead.

Adventurous guests will enjoy the magic of the African sunset, feast on a picnic-style dinner on the top deck and can later fall asleep under the myriad of stars which light up the African sky.
The following morning, guests will find breakfast served on their doorstep, to be enjoyed while watching elephants, giraffe and other wildlife at the river.
To wake up to the magical sound of wild animals at play, surrounded by pristine nature as far as the eye can see, is a life-changing experience; this is a place of true, untouched wonderment”, Kozany concluded.

The Bird Nest is designed to sleep two guests, but a even a family will be welcome where the parents may choose to sleep in the shelter of the first floor while the children will love the adventure of sleeping out on the top deck. The NAY PALAD Bird Nest experience is included in the rate for guests staying at Segera Retreat for five nights or more. For those on a shorter stay, the cost of the Bird Nest Experience starts at USD 1.150 per night.
Either way, guests’ accommodation at Segera Retreat is kept exclusively for them while they visit the Bird Nest.


For added information on Kenya’s only five star safari property north of the equator, click on www.segera.com or read more about it via ATCNews.org’s past reports via https://atcnews.org/?s=Segera

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