The Saint Ange Tourism Report – Volume 2 Edition 27 of 2018


(Posted 08th July 2018)

As every week has Alain St. Ange just published his weekly report from the Seychelles and readers of are once again able to read it:

The editorial this week highlights:

a. Saint Ange Consultancy programmed travel schedules.

b. appointed on the Steering Committee of the "African Tourism Board" Association.

c. visitor arrival numbers in Seychelles.

d. Etihad group CEO says restructuring likely to involve job cuts. Air Seychelles future plans ?.

e. Mexico’s new president has no security: ‘The people will protect me’.

f. I will be a panellist for Routes Africa 2018 (14th – 18th July).

Stand alone articles this week starts with:

1. Seychelles Inter Island Ferry Terminal upgrading facilities.

2. The Seychelles Tourism Board partners with Edelweiss Air to promote upcoming direct flights.

3. Africa’s new book on Investment Opportunities in Tourism.

4. Routes Africa 2018 Ghana (Seychelles consultant invited as panellist).

5. Air Tanzania Dreamliner to land on Monday.

6. New domestic airline launches on Madagascar.

7. Col. Andre Ciseau of Seychelles assumes office as acting PMAESA Secretary General.

8. Central Common Cold Store Public / Private Partnership in Seychelles.

9. "Ile de Tshegeza" of Congo is a holiday destination.

10. Seychelles Taxi Association says it is satisfied with meetings and now waits for Governments on way forward.

11. Fiona Jeffrey OBE is the new chair of African Travel & Tourism Association (ATTA).

12. Tanzania and Burundi ditch joint East African destination marketing.

13. Airbnb guest severely injured traversing stairs in home of Airbnb host: Is Airbnb liable? Seychelles’ illegal accommodation network for tourists:- Who is liable? the proprietor?.

14. WTTC ambassadors named.

15. International Newswires continue to republish our Report.

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