#RwandAir eyes #AddisAbaba before #Guangzhou


(Posted 09th July 2018)

Sources close to RwandAir have confirmed that the airline is working on the launch of their next destination, which will be number 27 across Africa, Europe, the Gulf and India.
Addis Ababa – President Kagame is currently the Chairman of the African Union which is based in the Ethiopian capital – will over the course of the next few weeks be launched before later in the year Guangzhou in China will follow, alongside Bamako.
The airline, one of the fastest growing in Africa and with one of the arguably youngest fleets, has been progressively rolling out new destinations in Africa, with the last two in May and June being Abuja and Cape Town.
The Abuja service then continues to Accra with full traffic rights while the Cape Town service routes via the Zimbabwean capital of Harare, also with full traffic rights.
Given RwandAir’s tendency to combine destinations have tongues started to wag already which add on Addis might see, perhaps Asmara but maybe even more likely Djibouti, a key logistics and trade platform at the Horn of Africa.
In East Africa does the airline serve Entebbe and Juba out of Kigali but also Nairobi – two flights a day routing via Entebbe with full traffic rights – Dar es Salaam and Bujumbura with Kamembe being the single domestic destination within Rwanda.
For more information about RwandAir click on www.rwandair.com.