Tunnel or no tunnel on #Mahe – that is now the question in the #Seychelles


(Posted 12th July 2018)


Traffic jams, even in what is generally thought to be the smallest capital city in the world, Victoria on the Seychelles’ main island of Mahe, have been a growing concern and become an annoyance for many, as the entry into the city from the Beau Vallon and Bel Ombre area of the island – across the mountain range – has become more and more congested.
Various measures were introduced in recent years, such as designating certain roads as one way only but the fundamental issue remains, a growing number of cars piling into the capital in the morning during the main rush hour period and then again when people commute home in the evening.
Options are now being studied how feasible – and financially viable – it is to construct a tunnel through the bedrock of the mountain and to what extend it might bring relief to those facing the traffic day in and day out.
Information passed from a regular source in Victoria speaks of the added options arising from excavated rock, which can be used to construct a new water dam but also help to raise several more artificial islands off the beaches of Mahe similar to what has taken place on Eden Island or for the Isle Perseverance, the former an upmarket marina estate and now home to owners from around the world and the latter to make housing for local Seychellois more affordable as space for domestic and other developments on the principle island of Mahe is now at a premium.
It is not known at this stage how long it will take to complete the study but as and when it is ready and a decision will be taken by the Seychelles government, be sure to read about it right here.