#AviaDev2018 Conference White Paper now available


(Posted 13th July 2018)

Following the successful AviaDev Africa event in Cape Town are the organizers of the event now sharing the white paper highlighting the key findings from the conference.

This release comes in addition to the previous publication of YouTube clips of the conference sessions and a series of podcasts released by AviaDev’s Managing Director Jon Howell whose brainchild AviaDev is.


The new report has been produced by AviaDev’s Jon Howell in partnership with Richard Maslen of the Maslen Aviation Consultancy who has 20 years of experience in aviation journalism working with airlines, airports, tour operators and other industry stakeholders and MIDAS Aviation who provide detailed understanding of data to devise strategies for airports, assess airline networks and opportunities for clients, providing diligence for investment agencies and provide regulatory advice for Governments.

The report covers many areas including an overview of the road from Yamoussoukro to SAATM, building connectivity through new intra-African routes, moving from a national mindset to taking a pan-African approach to connectivity.
It highlights the economic benefits of enhanced air connectivity and confirms that collaboration is a key tool to build a sustainable aviation strategy.
It also addresses the blocked funds barrier and looks at how airport infrastructure could hamper growth in Africa.

As a member of the AviaDev community is ATCNews.org sharing this complimentary report with all our readers to help them grow their networks and increase Africa’s connectivity.

Please do keep in touch throughout the year and listen to the AviaDev podcast channel: AviaDev Insight Please do also engage with them on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram #AviaDev

Please click here to download the AviaDev white paper

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