#KenyaAirways ditches #Jeddah


(Posted 14th July 2018)

News are emerging that Kenya Airways intends to halt their flights to the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia with a source close to the airline attributing the decision to ‘network and fleet optimization‘, a vague phrase often used when a route does not perform to expectations but no one wants to admit that money is being lost in an outright fashion.
It is understood that passengers are being rebooked as of 14th of September or will get their money back if tickets are already paid for travel to Jeddah with KQ on dates from then onwards.
Kenya Airways did not publicly say which ‘partner airlines‘ their passengers will be booked with but if it is Saudia, which serves no alcohol on board, this will no doubt trigger a further move by passengers to use such airlines as Emirates which will continue to connect them via Dubai to their preferred destination in Saudi Arabia while providing a full inflight service.

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