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Dear ATC Readers,

Greetings from us all here in Kenya where the rainy season has come to an end and life is returning to the plains. Animals great and small are emerging to enjoy the fresh vegetation and lush green landscape.

Our Porini Safari Camps in Selenkay Conservancy (Amboseli), in Ol Pejeta Conservancy (Laikipia) and in Ol Kinyei and Olare Motorogi Conservancies (Maasai Mara) recently re-opened, and we thought you’d enjoy seeing some of the wonderful images that have been captured on the first game drives of this season.

Guest Kathi Hammer stayed at the Porini Safari Camps and took these beautiful images in and around our Conservancies:

"Everything about Porini Camps is beyond expectations; the abundant wildlife, the staff and management who make you feel like family, the stunning conservancy locations and Porini’s partnership with the local Maasai people" – Kathi Hammer

Read more about Kathi’s safari experience – and view more of her safari photos – here in our latest blog…

Recent Wildlife Sightings from Porini Camps

At Porini Rhino Camp we are observing various animals coming to the waterhole right in front of camp. The waterhole is located only a few meters from the main mess tent of the camp and guests love to sit and watch the wildlife over breakfast or a coffee. With the camp having an exclusive setting and the wildlife coming so close, we can really immerse ourselves in the surroundings and feel we are part of nature.

At Porini Amboseli Camp we have also been enjoying fruitful game drives and guided walks seeing a broad range of wildlife species in Selenkay Conservancy – as well as the stunning views of Mt Kilimanjaro of course! The image below was taken by our guide Wilson Kasaine.
Early this month, our guests were fortunate to view approximately 150 elephants coming into the Selenkay Conservancy from Amboseli National Park. This was quite a spectacle and an amazing sighting for our guests to witness.

Research has shown that elephants and other animals, including lions and cheetahs, are attracted to Selenkay as they feel more relaxed in this protected wilderness, away from human habitation and tourist vehicles. (Image below is by Porini guide Denis Sayielel).

The newly mowed airstrip in Selenkay has been operating well and guests can now be on safari within 30 minutes of leaving Nairobi, and without enduring the long and arduous journey by road! This photo was taken by Porini Amboseli guest Nathlada Boonthueng.
Tito, one of the resident leopards in Olare Motorogi Conservancy, has been giving our guides and guests regular sightings of herself and her two cubs. Regular Porini guests will be pleased to see that she’s looking in good shape and that her offspring are doing well. (Images by Porini Lion Camp guide Meshack Sayialel).
The lion prides are continuing to thrive in the Mara Conservancies, with the Monico Pride being the largest within the Olare Motorogi Conservancy with 26 individuals. (Images by Porini Lion Camp guide Meshack Sayialel).
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There was an interesting sighting from Ol Kinyei Conservancy this week of an interaction between pride male Senteu and one of the lionesses, Naramat, captured on camera by Nirmali and Jui Banerjee, the Directors of Porini Cheetah Camp.

Senteu, was keeping a watchful eye over the lioness named Naramat from his pride who now has two very young cubs. Senteu was there as the protector of the cubs but the female was very anxious to avoid her cubs getting too close to him. Lion cubs have a high mortality rate and they are often killed by adult male lions.

Naramat behaved aggressively towards Senteu to get him to move away from the cubs. It was fascinating to observe his body language as he tried to avert confrontation and to prevent a fight by lowering his gaze, looking away and avoiding eye contact. Although poor Senteu was only there to protect the cubs, he was forced to back down and move a short distance away while still being close enough to continue guarding them.

Jui filmed the encounter – click here to see the video clip

Comments by Porini Camp Guests

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed hosting guests in the camps in recent weeks, and our safari guides particularly loved introducing people to the Maasai culture and to giving a thorough insight into our Conservancies and the lives of the many animals that reside within them.

Our guests like to leave their feedback in our camps’ Guest Comments Books – here are some of the comments from the past few weeks:

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"It has been an amazing experience, the wildlife and Maasai living together in harmony. The whole staff were super, always taking care of us and understanding. Thank you for everything! Amazing!" – Astrid Chavez (guest at Porini Lion Camp).

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"What an amazing experience I had at Porini Mara Camp. Jimmy made me feel most welcome on arrival and this team here are truly wonderful. Stanley and George were absolutely outstanding on our game drives; so many sightings and so much laughter. The food, company, accommodation are all fabulous. I cannot wait to come back again" – Jennifer Bartlett (guest at Porini Mara Camp).

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"We have had a wonderful time with the staff and game drives. The terrain is magical, and all the accommodation was perfect. It is our last big family adventure before we all move on to other parts of life. It has been one of the best times together." – Jodi Benson (guest at Porini Rhino Camp).

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"What a wonderful experience to stay on the conservancy knowing that we are all supporting the local communities and wildlife. Can not wait to come back to make more wonderful memories" – Michelle Balke (guest at Porini Amboseli Camp)

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"Super peaceful, beautiful, fun! Fredrick and staff are so accommodating and helpful, going above and beyond, Delicious food ! Super 1st night in Kenya ! Thank you!" – Karen Selders (guest at Nairobi Tented Camp)

More guest comments can be seen here on our web site
The wildlife sightings in our Conservancies are now better than ever! I have seen a huge improvement in the environment, the vegetation and the diversity of wildlife species and the sheer numbers of animals in the conservancies since the time when we first started with Selenkay Conservancy, some 20 years ago.

After setting up Selenkay Conservancy and Porini Amboseli Camp, that was followed by Ol Kinyei Conservancy and Porini Mara Camp in 2005 and then our other camps in the Mara and in Laikipa. The "Conservancy Concept" has proved a real success as a way of expanding protected habitat for wildlife, providing livelihoods for the local communities who own the land and giving an unsurpassed wildlife safari experience for visitors.

It’s great to see all the positive comments from our recent guests and we look forward to welcoming you to our Porini Camps – please don’t hesitate to contact me if we can be of service in any way.
Best wishes,

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Jake Grieves-Cook
Founder & Chairman
Gamewatchers Safaris & Porini Camps
Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa