#SankaraNairobi completes refurbishment


(Posted 21st July 2018)


A recent stay at the Sankara, my first ever, certainly was an eyeopener, even for a seasoned traveler like myself.
My TripAdvisor review reflected my impressions from check in to check out and not a moment of uncertainty, not a single frown and perhaps only one passing question mark, addressed there and then to an eager staff keen to help mitigate whatever issue that was at the time.


As I narrated there, did the entire interior of the hotel make a crisp, fresh and contemporary impression, staff notably a few notches keener to assist than in some other hotels and of course my room leaving nothing to be desired.

From the first impression – pictures posted as part of the TripAdvisor review – to closer inspection and in particular the amenities on offer in the bathroom, it was obvious that the Sankara owners have spent big money to, after only just over 6 years in operation, stay on top of the competition and retain their leadership position in the Westlands area when it comes to 5 star hotels.
A more recently – and after years of delay I hasten to add – opened hotel laying claim to being five star too, a cursory inspection of that place showed the large gap it has to bridge to reach Sankara’s level and other then a tariff buster it has yet to gain any notably reputation.
Back to the Sankara though.
Not enough it seems for the owners after just competing a substantive refurbishment are they now adding new extra luxurious Sankara Prime Rooms on the 7th floor in what will be a major new feature.
Artists impressions or pictures of a sample room, when ready, will for sure be published here, perhaps alongside some of the brand new Presidential Suite which is also being added on the 7th floor.


This is the top floor of the hotel, also home to the Sankara Executive Lounge and the Sarabi Pool Restaurant and Champagne Bar, besides, for the more health conscious, a fully equipped gym.
As to food offerings, the Sankara has plenty in store for visitors and the entire first floor of the hotel is dedicated to providing a holistic culinary experience, which includes the Graze Restaurant, an all day dining with plenty of seating choices including an outdoor section, a coffee and pastry shop and a wine bar where one can of course also buy a few bottles of fine vintages.

There are some additional changes in the pipeline, but that is all which can be said at this moment in time, so, as usual, keep watching this space until those news can eventually be told.

For added information about the hotel click on www.sankara.com