(Posted 23rd July 2018)


Sad news came in over the weekend from Canada that the former CEO of the Fairway Hotel in Kampala, Mr. Aneez Jaffer, had passed away.

Aneez, well known and much liked for his amicable nature and readiness step up and to help out, was a founder member of the Skal Club of Kampala in 1994 and, when in country, involved in hospitality industry affairs to build a strong trade representative body. He took over from his late father as Chairman of the Fairway Hotel and handed the day to day leadership to his son Ali three years ago.
The Jaffer family has a long history of close attachment to post independence Uganda, never forgetting their roots in Kampala even while living in Canada.

Aneez had held a party for his staff at the hotel before his departure to Canada, celebrating the upcoming wedding of his son with them and this will now remain in the memory of all who attended that it was their last party with the man many called their ‘father’.
Aneez passed just days before his son’s wedding, with grief instead of joy marking the coming days and weeks for the newly weds.

It is understood that Aneez will be buried in Canada, his second home after Uganda.
Sincere condolences and deepest sympathy are expressed to the entire Jaffer family and also the management and staff of the Fairway Hotel in Kampala.

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