#Harare’s international airport to be upgraded to modern day standards


(Posted 25th July 2018)

(Picture courtesy of Zimbabwe Civil Aviation Authority)

President Emmerson Mnangagwa earlier this week performed the ground breaking ceremony for the long awaited construction of an expanded and modernized airport terminal in Harare, to cater for the expected rise in aircraft movements and passenger numbers in coming years.
Once completed will the new terminal be able to accommodate at least 6 million passengers per annum, up from the present capacity of about 2 million.
This is the second major aviation infrastructure project Zimbabwe is embarking on after two years ago completing the expansion and transformation of the Victoria Falls International Airport, which led to an immediate rise in the number of flights serving that airport and a sharp increase in passenger numbers disembarking there.
Funding has been provided by the Chinese government similar to what was done at Victoria Falls and the cost of the Harare terminal expansion was given as 153 million US Dollars. Main contractor, again like at Victoria Falls, is the China Jiangsu International company which has delivered the Vic Falls construction on budget and on time.


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