#GorillaHighlands’ new pocket guide – magazine and guide combined


(Posted 28th July 2018)

The Gorilla Highlands Pocket Guide is a paper booklet printed in 10,000 copies per edition and published to promote an often underestimated if not almost ignored region.


It is distributed widely across the Gorilla Highlands core area free of charge, is attractively sized and jam packed with travel advice (including informative ads that finance the project) encouraging the reader to explore.

Initially focused on southwestern Uganda, the booklet has gradually covered more and more territory. Rwanda was added in 2016 while the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo will first feature in 2019, completing the Gorilla Highlands geographical area.

Download the Gorilla Highlands Pocket Guide 6 (22 MB)

Interested in the Summer Edition 2018? That one has no classifieds yet, but it does include Gisenyi / Rwanda for the first time: Gorilla Highlands Pocket Guide 7 draft (8 MB).


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Said Miha Logar earlier this morning when doing an e-interview about the new guide book and his plans for the rest of the year:

ATCNews Q:
I know your team is busy with many Gorilla Highlands projects and have to be selective. Why have you decided to ramp up from one booklet issue a year to three?

Miha Logar A:
It’s true, we don’t lack things to do. But the booklet is our most popular product and always gets finished far too quickly. We want to keep it in circulation throughout the year, and we estimate three editions will suffice, for now.

Why bother with a paper product in today’s digital world?
A: There’s still very much is a place for paper editions. The Pocket Guide connects all our online production with the material world and kind of makes the Gorilla Highlands initiative more real. It’s painful to deal with printing and distribution, but it’s the price to pay.

You now want to go global with the booklet distribution, why and how?

In the beginning this was a guide for independent travellers who were already here, for expats and inquisitive locals. We didn’t even bother to introduce Uganda. But as the booklet made it to international trade fairs and as we included Rwanda two years ago —because the Gorilla Highlands region is transboundary by nature — the approach had to change. We hope the embassies of the two countries and our friends around the world will help us with international distribution.

What do you plan for trade fairs?
We are in discussions with Vakantiebeurs, the leading travel exhibition for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. If it all goes well, this will be the first time for the Gorilla Highlands region to be on its own stand as a transboundary region. Sounds like a perfect showcase for the Pocket Guide.

Q:  So, Rwanda and Uganda for sure — what about Congo?

A: That’s a good question. We wanted to have DR Congo in our booklet right now but the closure of Virunga NP has complicated that. Let’s all keep fingers crossed for their election period to be peaceful and for the DRC being part of the region from early 2019 on.


Thank you Miha for your time this Saturday morning talking to www.ATCNews.org