Tour du Rwanda kicks off on Sunday


(Posted 03rd August 2018)

17 teams from Africa, Europe and the US with 85 riders are embarking on Sunday morning on the annual Tour of Rwanda, a cycling race of growing importance.
The event will kick off at the Kigali International Convention Centre where the Rwandan teams will face competition from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Cameroon, South Africa, the United States, Switzerland, France and Germany.
This year will also mark the tenth anniversary since the event was first staged as a UCI race.
The cross country tour will return to Kigali on the 12th of August when the riders will have completed all the stages of the race and then cross the finishing line.
The tour will help to promote Rwanda as a safe destination for tourists coming to see the country while cycling and in particular the Congo Nile Trail has been developed over the years and now attracted hundreds of foreign tourists every year who come to ride along the shores of Lake Kivu and through the surrounding hills.

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