#Zambia Tourism News Updates


(Posted 09th August 2018)

The latest news update from Zambia has now included an add on for Tracks 4 Africa.

This organisation has a forum for self-drive travellers, usually from South Africa, to drive to other countries on holiday. Gill Staden, who produces the monthly updates, has been watching and joining in for several months now. She thought you might like to know that of the hundreds of posts on this forum, only 5 of them concerned Zambia. The rest were mainly to #Botswana, #SouthAfrica, #Zimbabwe and #Namibia. The only queries about Zambia were about the state of the roads, especially, Kazungula-Sesheke, and security.

Zambia has the luxury market tapped with some of the best lodges in Southern Africa, but until the country can promote the self-drive holiday-maker from South Africa, it will never realise Zambia’s potential as a major tourist destination.

Wrote Gill: ‘I hope you enjoy this issue of the newsletter. Please use the website as much as you like and hopefully many of you will put the website link on your own website‘.