#Chinese #IvorySmuggler nabbed at #Entebbe International Airport


(Posted 10th August 2018)


Reports are coming in that earlier in the week a Chinese national, working at the Karuma hydroelectric dam project, was arrested at Entebbe International Airport while attempting to smuggle ivory out of the country.
After claiming he bought the blood ivory at a market near the construction project did security organs take him back to Karuma for further investigation and with the intent to also identify and arrest the sellers.
Poaching in Uganda is at a relatively low level though ‘subsistence poaching‘ continues as people try to get food, mainly by hunting for hippos.
However, commercial poaching, as seen in South Africa for rhinos and in past years in Tanzania where tens of thousands of elephant were wiped out with the Kikwete regime looking the other way, is unheard of in Uganda due to stricter measures and a shoot to kill policy on poachers as directed by President Museveni some time ago.

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