Rideshare competition heats up in Eastern Africa


(Posted 11th August 2018)

The introduction of Boda Boda and Tuk Tuk services by Taxify signals another round of competitive engagement with their main rivals in the East African market place.
Giving clients a choice, to either travel by car, or if traffic jams prevent a timely arrival, use a Boda Boda instead and whizz through the car parks many of our roads and highways resemble during rush hour, has Taxify broken new ground.
The Estonia based company has recently raised additional capital, including an investment from Daimler Benz and is now thought to be worth a billion US Dollars already, steadily chipping away on its main East African rivals like UBER, Little and Mondo Drive.
With a commission of just 15 percent is Taxify also among the most cost effective for the drivers, many of whom actually own their cars and who increasingly reject the 25 percent commission UBER knocks off their fare earnings, yet giving them nothing significant more in return compared to their main competitors.

Meanwhile has a rideshare cost comparison site http://www.ride.guru emerged which provides cost conscious individuals and companies to pre-determine the approximate fare by comparing the main rideshare companies like Taxify, Little, UBER, Mondo Ride and others. Fare comparisons are available not just for East Africa but also for other countries in which these services operate.

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