#FlyAfrica misses return dates and is again branded as #NoFlyAfrica


(Posted 20th August 2018)

There is clearly more out of order at Fly Africa than just their washrooms as the airline upstart again missed their own ‘return to the skies’ date.
Full mouthed statements a few weeks ago, when the Zimbabwe Civil Aviation Authority pulled the AOC and effectively grounded the wannabe airline, then spoke of flying again by mid August, but mid August came and went and no aircraft has arrived nor commenced services.

ATCNews reported about the troubles of FlyAfrica 2.0 extensively in the past and also covered the woes of FlyAfrica 1.0 back in 2015, when the disgraced regime of one Adrian Hamilton-Manns and his mouthpieces threatened to sue ATCNews for reporting the facts of what was going on with their then Ponzi scheme, i.e. selling tickets when no longer having an AOC and being unable to perform flights.

No legal case was ever brought, Adrian and his mouthpieces went silent and for all purposes was FlyAfrica 1.0 as dead as a Dodo before some misguided individuals fell into the trap of thinking in late 2016 and early 2017 they could revive an airline which name in the industry was wrecked by the previous owners.

If at all this outfit will make it back to the skies is now highly doubtful and the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe remains under scrutiny how they will handle this matter, when viable alternatives for air transport exist in Zimbabwe to provide affordable and reliable air transport.

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