Hospitality Business Solutions offers new workshop series to Ugandan hoteliers


(Posted 20th August 2018)

Subject: Invitation for the Entebbe Region Hotel owners to promote the Development and Implementation of Hotel Best Business Practices, 23rd August 2018 at Banana Village Resort Hotel – Entebbe

We are pleased to invite you for the Entebbe Region Hotel owners Workshop to Promote the Development and Implementation of the best hotel business practices to be delivered on 23rd August 2018 at Banana Village Resort Hotel – Entebbe.

This workshop will be jointly hosted by Uganda Hotel Owners Association (UHOA), Hotel Link Solution Ltd and Hospitality Business Solutions Ltd and is aimed at presenting the results of the best hotel business practices Assessment Study of the Entebbe conducted during the period March 2017 –May 2018. ). The event tries to find and discuss the best practical solutions to ever-evolving challenges in the hospitality and tourism industry – between industry players, government, and other organisations, who share, exchange and challenge case studies and the state of the art in research. This meeting also includes presentations that aim, for instance, to teach how to make small accommodation more appealing to travelers.

Outline of topics for Best Management Practices

The study of the sample of hotels pointed to five key management practices that appeared to have either created value to external customers or helped improve operational and process efficiencies within the organizations. The covered topics are, among others:

· Stage guest experiences

· High-touch guest relations

· Hands-on staff management

· A Passion for exactitude

· Track at the centre’s

· Online Marketing

The first two of the practices relate to external customers, the third to personnel, the fourth and fifth to internal processes and controls, respectively.

As a key stakeholder in the best hotel business practices, your opinions are considered to be crucial to the discussions on the outcomes of the assessment study and the way forward for the Entebbe region. There is a registration fee for workshop participants and all necessary meals will be provided.

Date : 23rd August 2018

Venue : Banana Village Eco Resort Hotel

Fee : 100,000/= UGX

Time : 9:00am – 5:00pm