#Iljushin62 overshoots #Khartoum runway


(Posted 20th August 2018)

One of the last Iljushin IL62 cargo aircraft in service has on landing in Khartoum suffered a runway excursion and ended up in the soft soil beyond the runway.
Registered in Belarus as EW-450TR, MSN 4546257 and operated by Rada Airlines was the aircraft inbound from Cairo to Khartoum with a load of unspecified cargo when the incident took place. A crew of 9 was on board and escaped unharmed.

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The cargo had to be removed first before the aircraft could be towed away to a safe place to allow full flight operations to resume and have the immediate NOTAM’s about the situation cancelled.
It could not be ascertained how extensive the damage to the gear and undercarriage of the aircraft was.
Rada Airlines was formed in Belarus in 2015.