#Zambia sets dates for #LICAF2019

Livingstone International Culture & Arts Festival 4th – 6th April, 2019.

The Livingstone International Culture & Arts Festival boasts of outstanding events that gives attendees something to look forward to every year. Events range from Public Performances by various cultural groups and pop artists, Street Carnivals, Gala Dinners.

The festival is among the fastest growing in Africa ,making Livingstone-Zambia an irresistible destination if you want to experience the thrill and hypnotizing power of African music and dance; 73 Zambian tribes from 10 provinces.. encapsulated in one festival .. all happening at a time of the year when the Mighty Victoria Falls is at its thundering best dropping down more than 500 cubic meters of water every second. As if the festival and the Victoria Falls were not compelling reason enough to go to Livingstone, the destination also offers mind blowing adventure activities such as white water rafting, bungee jumping, wildlife safaris, helicopter rides, steam train rides, and many more.