The Saint Ange Tourism Report – Volume 2 Edition 36 of 2018


(Posted 14th September 2018)

The Editorial this week highlights:

a. Beaches & Swimming Pools for the tourism industry.
b. Minister Anil Gayan, Tourism Minister of Mauritius on working visit to Seychelles.
c. Tourism needs respect and understanding.
d. Chalets d’Anse Forbans of Seychelles loses the pillar of the owning family.

Stand alone articles this week:

1. Beaches & Swimming Pools for the tourism industry.

2. Tourism Minister Anil Gayan of Mauritius meets Minister Didier Dogley & the Seychelles two former Tourism Ministers.

3. Seaweed fertilizer products in Seychelles ready as loads of same seaweed are threatening the Caribbean’s sea life and tourism.

4. King of Morocco in Seychelles.
5. Rwandan President on private visit to Seychelles.
6. Sonny Morgan on the move.
7. United Nations court hears case over strategic Chagos Islands of Mauritius.

8. Indian Ocean Marlin Cup 2019 in Seychelles.

9. Seychelles Tourism Board says that the Central Bank records 27% increase in tourism receipts as at June 2018 while Europe lead Seychelles tourism growth with 7% as at August 2018
10. Marketing Mauritius as affordable luxury.
11. Kenya plans talks with Ryanair, EasyJet in bid to boost tourism.
12. World Travel Awards
13. Miss Kreol International Contestants coming forward.

14. Patsy Canaya Athanase, first female journalist to represent Seychelles at ‘Panafricaines’ in Casablanca, Morocco.
15. Telly Agency Models from Seychelles in New York.
16. Father Laval of Mauritius to be canonized

17. International Newswires continue to republish our Report.


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