#Atta head office moves to new location


(Posted 25th September 2018)


Africa’s leading tourism trade association, the African Travel and Tourism Association or in short Atta, will move offices tomorrow, 26th of September to a new location at Holland Park.
The offices will remain closed for the day but reopen on Thursday with all contact details such as phones remaining the same, details shown below:

The African Travel and Tourism Association trading as Atta. A company limited by guarantee, registered in UK, number 4087771. VAT No 672676205
Tel: +44 20 7937 4408Fax: +44 20 7937 4408Email: info

Atta today has well over 600 members in 42 countries around the world and in 22 key tourism countries across the African continent. CEO of the organization is Chris Mears, President of Atta Nigel Vere Nicoll and current Chairperson Mrs. Fiona Jeffery.

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