The Saint Ange Tourism Report – Volume 2 Edition 40 of 2018


(Posted 09th October 2018)

The Editorial this week highlights:

a. Working visit to Mauritius.

b. Seychelles targets increased visibility in the French market.

c. Leasehold versus Freehold for hotel operating licenses in Seychelles.

d. Meeting with Azeddine Bouali of Reunion’s Tourism Federation & also of the Ports of Reunion.

e. UNWTO African Ministers meet in Kenya
f. Jasmine Toulouse, the Mauritius popular artist continues to shine.

g.France decorates Renaud Azema of Vatel Mauritius with its Tourism Medal.

h. Whale watching in all its splendour at Coin de Mire in Mauritius.

Stand alone articles this week:

1. Experience a breath-taking trip and visit Seychelles’ two favourite islands, Praslin and La Digue.

2. Guillaume Albert of Creole Travel Services at LUXURY TRAVEL MART of Russia.

3. WORLD TRAVEL AWARD CEREMONY IN DURBAN CELEBRATES EXCELLENCE (Seychelles slipping in International Recognition).

4. Reunion Island tourism worked the German and Swiss market before the last Top Resa.
5. Veiling Aviation of the Indian Ocean making inroads.

6. Outbound Travel Fair of Mauritius – a success.

7. Kenya prepares to commemorate the end of World War I.

8. Seychelles and Sri Lanka celebrated 30 years of successful diplomatic relations.

9. MKTE2018: Kenya target 4 million tourists by 2030.

10. Mauritius underwater scooters a hit with visitors. 11. Mauritius sets the stage to honour its best Kitchen performer with help from Paul Bocuse Restaurant.

12. Grace Barbe originally from Seychelles performed in Fremantle in Australia.
13. Endless Summer Workshop brought Seychelles Islands to Russia for the second annual event.

14. International Newswires continue to republish our Report.

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