#Ethiopia to launch Visa on Arrival for Africans on 09th November


(Posted 29th October 2018)

Ethiopia, on a new political path since the new Prime Minister took office, has clearly recognized that bringing visitors to the country, and not just having Ethiopian Airlines fly them through Addis Ababa, will bring a wide range of economic benefits to the country.

The country, instead of re-inventing the wheels, has taken a leaf from such countries like Rwanda, which for the past years already grant Visa on arrival to AU citizens, in order to tap into the growing cross African traffic flow which prompts huge investments into the hospitality and tourism sectors, creates additional jobs on the fast track and leaves potentially dozens of millions of Dollars in the host country economy.
Unlike in a neighbouring country, which President made a similar announcement earlier in the year but where several African countries continue to be singled out for ‘special treatment‘ treatment, i.e. still having to obtain advance clearance, or Tanzania which more recently refused entry to a group of Nigerian tour operators headed for the Zanzibar Tourism Show (https://atcnews.org/2018/10/23/nigerian-tour-operators-stop-all-trips-to-tanzania-till-visa-issue-is-cleared/) has Ethiopia given every indication that there will be no hidden exceptions and that all AU member state passport holders will be granted a Visa when they arrive in Addis Ababa, for a stopover or a full visit.
The Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff made the announcement and quoted his boss that it was his vision to expand travel and trade among African countries, no doubt also with a keen eye on the growing MICE market where in particular the capital Addis Ababa has laid down the gauntlet to other leading African conference destinations.
Elsewhere it is only the Seychelles which requires no Visa at all from citizens of any country in the world, a longstanding move which has seen the archipelago develop its tourism industry in leaps and bounds.

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