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In today’s newsletter, let’s get down to business!

With Uganda tourism receiving more positive press attention, and Lilly Ajarova as our new CEO at Uganda Tourism Board, Uganda’s tourism potential looks more exciting than ever!

Is your business prepared for the extra interest in Uganda?

Last year I had so many advertising enquiries from the tourism industry, I decided to develop something especially for you!

Here are my Top Two Tips on how you should be promoting your business online in 2019:

Top Tip no. 1

List your business in the Travel Directory on the new-look Diary of a Muzungu.

⦁ Create your own page on Uganda’s best-known travel blog.
⦁ Benefit from Diary of a Muzungu’s high Google rankings for ‘Uganda travel.’
Extra benefits for advertisers only: FREE boosted post on the Diary of a Muzungu Facebook page.

Top Tip no. 2

Sign up to my ‘Introduction to Digital Marketing’ training workshops – (and if you took part in the first workshops, which subject shall I cover next?)


Learn how to manage TripAdvisor, how to promote your business on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube; why you should be using email to market your business (it’s far more important than you think!) and how to work with bloggers.

The introduction course is just that – with more workshops on different topics planned. Click here to read more details about my training workshops.

Bespoke in-house training available upon request.

How I can help you? Just click reply to this email.

Thanks for all your support and enquiries. Don’t hesitate to get in contact on any travel or tourism marketing-related issue.


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Congs Lilly! The new CEO of Uganda Tourism Board


Lilly Ajarova was one of my first bosses when I arrived in Uganda ten years ago so I know firsthand what a brilliant marketer she is!

(I was a volunteer with the Uganda Conservation Foundation and Lilly was one of our part-time volunteer Directors).

I wish Lilly the very best of luck. I’m confident that conservation and professional marketing will take front of stage at UTB now. Read the interview "I need time and support to fix UTB" – says Lilly Ajarova. Photo courtesy of my travel buddy Edgar R. Batte of the Daily Monitor.

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Are you ready to register?

My next training workshop will be in Kampala on Wednesday 6th March at The Athena Hotel in Bugolobi.

Special thanks to Prof Wolfgang Thome (pictured) for helping me promote my training events. Read all the latest Aviation, Travel & Conservation News on his site ATC News.

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