#EU grounds all #Boeing #B737MAX aircraft


(Posted 13th March 2019)

The United States is now, for all intent and purpose, the only country which still allows the Boeing B737MAX to fly in its airspace, after the FAA has again ruled out even a temporary grounding of the plane, which in the space of five months suffered two fatal crashes very soon after take off with casualty figures of 189 and 157 respectively.
Determining the content of the two black boxes, the flight data and flight voice recorder is now a matter of the highest priority to ascertain what happened to flight ET 302 and if similarities between the Lion Air crash last October and this current crash are compelling.
Passengers, afraid to fly on the B737MAX in places where the aircraft is presently still operating, are demanding rebookings on to flights using other aircraft types, a devastating blow to Boeing and their reputation.

Comments from around the world on social media and in regular news media, both print and TV, are now almost universally condemning the FAA which, as a result of backing Boeing instead of deciding on the side of caution, has lost much of its credibility and confidence in the organization is at a near all time low.
The matter has received close attention from the US media which has overnight published reports of US pilots notifying their respective airlines of issues with the aircraft with some cases described below:


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@JProskowGlobal :""The Dallas Morning News says it has obtained several pilot reports detailing concerns about the MAX. In this case, an unexpected tilt down."" CC @TheAviationBeat @HistoryHeroes @globetrotter1_ @Afcac_Cafac @AirlineFlyer @Ambachew41

Should the FAA change their mind during the course of today, be sure to read about it right here.

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