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New: LOT brings Budapest closer than ever before
Starting 2 September, LOT Polish Airlines will fly you to Budapest! LOT flies to the beautiful city twice a day, from Monday to Friday. On Saturday night and Sunday morning, their pilots treat themselves to some well-earned rest. Have you been wanting to visit the city of goulash, impressive architectures and the Danube river for a while now? Return tickets start at € 109, so book yours now!
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New: Loganair, your gate to Newcastle’s nightlife
Have you ever wanted a taste of the British nightlife? Loganair will be making this easier than ever! Starting 25 March, they’ll be adding Newcastle to their list of destinations.

Aside from their premier league football team, the city is known for its vibrant nightlife. Loganair flies to Newcastle twice a day, from Monday to Thursday. Outside of the regular flights, their crew is ready to fly you to Newcastle on Friday and Sunday nights as well. You can book this unique city trip starting at € 188 for a return trip!

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eBus Brussels Airport
All aboard our new e-bus!
Ever since 1 March, the busses that connect the airport building of Brussels Airport to our various runways have been replaced by electric models. The advantages? They are almost entirely silent, they don’t emit any CO2 and journeys on these e-busses include free wifi, USB-ports and the ability to read up on your flight and the necessary safety guidelines.
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Belgium, the land of castles
Our small country has a lot of castles. In fact, we even have the highest number of castles per square kilometre in the whole wide world!

Every city or region has their own impressive castles: the Gravensteen in Ghent, the castle of Bouillon, the fortress of Huy, the citadel of Namur or the citadel of Dinant. And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the enormous cultural heritage of our own country.

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