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An elephant killed by poachers

Botswana: DO NOT legalize elephant hunting!


Dear friends of the rainforests,

When people think of Botswana, they often picture majestic herds of elephants roaming free across the savanna. For years, the country has been a safe haven for Africa’s elephants. But unless we speak out, we may soon be seeing images of grinning trophy hunters posing with their kills.

Elephant populations are collapsing across Africa. Yet Botswana’s government wants to “manage” its herds by lifting its ban on trophy hunting and carrying out “regular but limited culls”. The authorities even suggested that the meat of the elephants could be canned and sold as pet food.

We need to act now to prevent this crime against Africa’s elephants. We’re calling on Botswana’s President Mokgweetsi Masisi to take action by:

– keeping the hunting ban in place

– rejecting the proposed culls and

– stepping up measures to fight poaching.

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Thanks for being involved,

Reinhard Behrend
Rainforest Rescue (Rettet den Regenwald e.V.)

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