Growing rift between Chairman and CEO at Kenya Airways?


(Posted 19th March 2019)



Sharp differences in opinion are emerging between Chairman Michael Joseph and CEO Sebastian Mikosz after the two individuals made vastly contrasting statements in recent days.

Michael Joseph took a different route of how to best save Kenya Airways – an airline which by common consensus is quintessential to the East African region and to tourism and trade in and with Kenya. Yet, that said, does the airline need to shape up, repair the relationship between management and workforce and listen to its customers.

Among other things does it appear that the Chairman has contingency plans in mind, should the cash grab ‘merger‘ with the Kenya Airport Authority not go through and while not being specific did Michael Joseph insist that recovery will be possible, albeit at a slower pace, as planned growth will continue to unfold.

Mikosz in turn last week painted a black in black picture full of doom and gloom, and speculation is now rife if he is preparing to jump from – in his view a sinking ship – when his initial contract has run its course.
With the differences in forward thinking now coming to a head between Chairman and CEO, is it also anyone’s guess if Chairman and Board will be ready to offer Mikosz a second term or if they will not. The upcoming announcement of financial results will no doubt play a major role in their decision making.
At least one regular source close to the airline suggested that they have probably already quietly embarked on the search for a successor who in due course can deliver a balance sheet they can live with and which will keep the lenders, now largely shareholders, happy, after Mikosz all but declared that without the KAA cash will the airline reduce itself to the status of Jambojet.