Mozambique’s coastal tourism industry hard hit by Cyclone Idai


(Posted 19th March 2019)

Tourism businesses along the most affected parts of the Mozambique coast line – the city of Beira took a direct hit with a reported 90 percent destruction – will for a long time to come suffer from the fallout, as does of course agriculture and other sectors of the Mozambique economy.
The airport in Beira was closed for several days due to flooding and damage to key infrastructure and passengers intent to fly to Beira are urged to contact their respective airlines such as LAM and Fastjet (M) to ascertain if flights are operating.

Hotels in the city took a hit as did beach camps and national park camps in parks like Gorongosa, Marromeu, the Chinizuia Forest, Chimanimani and other wilderness locations between the coast and all the way into the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe.
With rivers bursting their banks have wide spread floods occured, making road transport in many areas all but impossible and while search and rescue operations are ongoing are in particular tourist visitors reminded that this may not be the right time to visit when transport and accommodation are not assured.

Once some degree of normalty has been attained will affected tourism attractions no doubt begin to spread the word that access has been restored and accommodation is operational again and ATCNews will at that stage also make additional information available.

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