Cyclone Joaninha keeps #Rodrigues airport closed


(Posted 26th March 2019)

Air Mauritius confirmed that due to the prevailing cyclone conditions around Rodrigues island will flights from Mauritius to Rodrigues continue to be halted for at least another day.

Plaine Corail Airport has been closed for the past several days as the cyclone was approaching Rodrigues island and will remain closed as Joaninha is expected to rage across the island today.

Both airline and local authorities have advised travelers to stay in close contact with Air Mauritius and the airport to receive up to date information when air traffic will resume. Air Mauritius is expected to operated a series of additional flights in order to clear the backlog of passengers to and from Rodgrigues.

The 2019 cyclone season in this part of the Indian Ocean has been more active than in recent years as was reported on ATCNews before, the changes in frequency of major cyclones attributed to climate change, global warming and the subsequent warming of the oceans, which then triggers major storms.

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