Kenya Airport Authority shoots down Kenya Airways’ merger proposal in flames


(Posted 11th April 2019)


Doubting Kenya Airways’ capacity to manage the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in front of the parliamentary committee for transport earlier this week was like putting a wrecking ball to the proposal to merge KAA and KQ, which is effectively aiding a corporate raid on the cash kitty of KAA by Kenya Airways to give them a bailout with money which is not theirs.

ATCNews had reported on the matter in the past and comments from Nairobi, equating KQ CEO Sebastian Mikosz with a corporate raider, have been received, as have other comments not fit for repeating here.
Added information received from usually well informed sources in Nairobi also suggest that the government, facing stiff headwinds over their initial proposal, may be back peddling on it now, seeing the mood in the national assembly which, should the proposal put to a vote, may not garner a majority.

That begs for the question to be answered where Mikosz is heading, given his own admission that without the KAA cash he does not know how to turn the airline around, no doubt raising interesting questions when the AGM of the airline will be held as well as posing the question to the airline’s board of directors, if his contract is to be renewed.

Meanwhile, and also very belatedly, has the airline announced that half a year after launching flights to the US are finally some code share agreements coming into place with another SkyTeam partner, Delta Airlines. This will allow travelers to fly on into other parts of the United States on one ticket, something which experts say should have been in place at the time the flights were launched last October.
This scenario is intriguing as it was also Mikosz who raised the question what benefits Kenya Airways has remaining in the alliance while suggesting they could exit from it altogether.

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