Navigating through Entebbe – made easier with NAS’ Pearl Assist Service


(Posted 17th April 2019)

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Traveling out of Entebbe, especially when it rains, can prove to be quite an adventure, and not one of the pleasant kind.
Open spaces between the parking area and the terminal, especially the climb up the stairs to the upper level where the check in counters are, make sure that, with two pieces of baggage and no hand left to hold an umbrella, one just has to get wet, and hearing ‘Banange, what happened, so sorry‘ when eventually reaching the entrance to the terminal, does neither help nor improve one’s mood.
NAS, formerly known as ENHAS, Entebbe’s leading ground handling agency, clearly saw an opportunity here by providing passengers with an added service, which includes being able to be driven up the ramp to the departure terminal, baggage there unloaded and whisked away and under an umbrella sheparded into the terminal building on the double.
NAS makes the arrangements, vehicle details provided in advance of course, and one or two dedicated staff then see passengers through the first security check, on to the check in counter, through immigration and finally – included for premium passengers and against a fee from other passengers – escort one into the lounge.

Given past aggrevation, when for instance no porters were immediately available to carry the bags up the stairs to the upper level, has yours truly twice in recent weeks taken advantage of the offer and on both occasions found the proverbial red carpet laid out, right to the point of boarding and being seen to the door of the aircraft – hand baggage most kindly carried to that point.

For premium passengers flying First or Business, unlike in other airports where there are dedicated fast track lanes for them, this service does provide the anticipated fast tracking all the way and is no doubt worth the investment which includes the following:

For Arrivals:

Received on arrival at the aircraft by Passenger Handling dedicated staff. Passengers are fast tracked through the airport formalities and assisted with baggage claim or collection of baggage. They are then led to the arrivals hall where they can meet friends, family, taxis or are escorted to other pre- arranged onward transportation.

For Departures:

Met on arrival at the Airport by Passenger Handling dedicated staff. Passengers are assisted through security checks, baggage screening, check-in, fast tracked through Immigrations, and escorted to the Departure gate.

Key man, overseeing this service and generally in charge of operations of NAS at the airport, is Kenneth Bainomugisha, formerly Deputy Station Manager of Brussels Airlines and more recently appointed as NAS’ Station Manager in Entebbe.

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