#Kenya’s Pilots Union fires back at airline CEO


(Posted 18th April 2019)


(Sebastian Mikosz, pondering what next)

Desperate times call for desperate measures but getting away with those not always works, and certainly no longer does for one Sebastian Mikosz, still CEO of Kenya Airways but by the look of it more outgoing than staying on.

As mentioned previously here, was Mikosz recent contention that in 2010 Ethiopian Airlines was half the size of Kenya Airways, promptly disproven as yet another misleading statement, similar to the one under which he launched daily flights to the US in October in front of such people like Richard Quest of CNN, when he knew already that flights would within days be cancelled and reduced. ATCNews at the time reported this, raised a storm in a tea cup by ‘patriots’ only to be proven right within the space of two weeks.

Over the past days did figures emerge on social media that scores of pilots and technicians have left Kenya’s national airline since Mikosz took over to join airlines in the Middle East and elsewhere, painting a grimmer picture than the airline’s management would like to admit and yesterday did KALPA – and this correspondent is surely no friend of theirs – reject Mikosz’ presentation before parliament last week, calling him all but a liar for allegedly misleading the parliamentary committee.
This itself might trigger a separate enquiry by members of parliament, should the misleading part be proven beyond reasonable doubt, putting Mikosz in yet more trouble.

Wrote KALPA yesterday:

As always will only time tell how this saga is panning out but the odds for Mikosz remaining are getting shorter as both Kenya Airways’ staff and middle management and the public in general now closely watch his every move and read his lips for every word uttered.

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