The all new Nile Safari Lodge set for August reopening


(Posted 12th June 2019)


When Zahid Alam opened the Nile Safari Camp, as it was then called, back in 1993, was it the only catered for accommodation in, or actually just outside Murchison Falls National Park.
The camp eventually transformed itself into a proper lodge, and I recall one of my reviews saying ‘If you want to be any closer to the Nile, you have to be in it‘ referring to the overhanging balconies protruding from the cottages over the bank of the river.
As time went by did more lodges, inside the park and outside come on line and Geolodges Africa eventually sold the Nile Safari Lodge last year.


This coming August will the lodge reopen after very extensive rebuilding and upgrading works by the new owners, which sees the introduction of a Honeymoon Suite, a Family Suite and six more cottages, all constructed from scratch where the original bandas used to be situated.


A new infiniti pool allows views across the river, but it remains to be seen if ‘The Best Seat On The Nile‘ will make a comeback – something to be reported about after visiting the lodge as it reopens.
Restaurant, bar and main building with reception and lounge too have been completely rebuilt, giving visitors the instant feel of refinement.
Also available will be a ‘Spa with a View‘ which will give guests an open air experience with a 180°view across the River Nile.

Nile Safari Lodge Spa

The company’s head office is located at Tribe Kampala, Plot 8, Bukoto Street (Behind Acacia Mall) and bookings from August onwards are already being accepted via
Phone: +256 772 363 362 /+256 757 363 362