St. Ange party files papers with Seychelles Electoral Commission


(Posted 13th June 2019)


(Alain St. Ange signing the documents at the Seychelles Electoral Commission for formal recognition
of the ‘One Seychelles‘ party)

Electoral Commissioner Danny Lucas yesterday received the documents for registration of Seychelles’ latest entrants on the political scene, submitted by Alain St. Ange, former Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine in the presence of other party members.
The Commission now has a month to publish its decision, which is generally expected to be positive.
Said Alain St. Ange to ATCNews when answering questions: ‘One Seychelles wants to give a chance to every Seychellois‘.
Arguably the most sucessful tourism minister the archipelago ever had, with his public service for the industry spanning a decade from his initial appointment as turnaround Director of Tourism Marketing at the Seychelles Tourism Board to his years holding the ministerial portfolio, are expectations high that in the party manifesto tourism will play a major role.
Tourism is the number one employer and foreign exchange earner for the islands and in the recent past have actions of the sitting government more than ruffled feathers across the industry, something the new party and its leadership will seek to remedy.
Unless snap elections are held are presidential elections due next year. With the new party and its officials is it however all but clear that the campaign is already being carried to the parties holding government and controlling parliament at present and no opinion polls are available at present do all indications point towards a major voters shift to the new political force which promised to do away with the old ways of my way or the highway.

Meanwhile will the archipelago next year also celebrate 250 years since the islands were first settled, looking back at a quarter of a millenium. The event is expected to be a major crowd puller for the tourism industry with a series of events planned by the Seychelles Tourism Board and STB CEO Sherin Francis in charge of the organizing committee.