Tour D’EAC 2019 is gaining shape


(Posted 20th June 2019)


By John Balongo and ATCNews


The 2019 55-day, 6500km bicycle ride is themed “INTEGRATE OR PERISH, endorsed by our members and the East African Communities. This year’s theme, is particularly inspired by H.E President YK Museveni`s speech during the 32nd Ordinary summit of African Union heads of state in Addis Ababa in February 2019. President Museveni argued African Leaders to integrate or stand a risk of being overrun by external forces like it happened at colonialism. It against this background that we want to inspire all citizens of the EAC with the same message not to leave the integration process to only our leaders but get involved themselves.


Wrote John Balongo when ATCNews asked him to once again explain what the cycling tour across the region was all about:

The project is the East African Bicycle Tour (named “Tour D’EAC” by media). It is an annual cycling tour through the EAC partner states coordinated by the Campfire Logs Guild Company, a not-for-profit company I have the privilege of leading. The tour involves cycling through all East African partner states with the aim of embracing regional collaboration while celebrating the geographic beauty, ethnic and cultural differences among all communities.

The event has been held annually since 2016 and has proven to be a huge and popular success. Building on this, the 2019 edition of the Tour D’EAC will start on 1st August with over 50 cyclists, male, female and Para, from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, South Sudan and Rwanda taking to their bikes for another unforgettable journey across East Africa taking riders on an incredible 5500km journey around East Africa. In addition to this core group that will ride the full tour, many more riders will join the group for the stages that pass through their home countries.

Although the tour has proven to be a huge and growing success, our ability to grow and operate the Tour in line with the recognition received is hampered by limited availability of funds. To date, most funds have come from small sponsorships and contributions from riders and well-wishers. As the Tour was in its early stages this was sufficient. However, we are now facing the challenge that success has continued expansion to the point where we can no longer fully fund the Tour using these methods and, in line with the Tour Mission to enhance and support regional collaboration, we are seeking support from EAC government groups and other interested parties.


That means that the Tour D’EAC is now seeking serious corporate sponsorship and anyone from among ATCNews’ extensive readership with suggestions, referrals or offers will be most welcome to approach John Balongo directly on WhatsApp +256 752 483680. Their email address is embedded in the logo above.
ATCNews will as in past years again give regular updates on the event and provide coverage when the tour goes underway.

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