#BreakingNews #Juba Airport control tower failure halts all airtraffic


(Posted 06th July 2019)


Information received earlier was just confirmed, that flights into and out of Juba are presently halted due to a failure in the control tower’s communication equipment.
Flights already enroute to Juba have reportedly been recalled and no flights are presently allowed to leave – which in any case would require an inbound flight to arrive first before taking outbout passengers on board.
It is presently not known if the failure is a result of poor or even absent maintenance or an act of sabotage, given the volatile political situation which prevails in Africa’s youngest and also failed state.
The peace deal signed some time ago was initially greeted with much relief and welcomed by many people in South Sudan but the positive anticipation has given way to renewed dispair as the process seems stuck once again with both protagonists unwilling or unable to move forward.
Meanwhile is infrastructure suffering and the international airport in Juba is one example of continued challenges to keep it in such shape that international airlines can actually still fly there.


Once air traffic has been restored will www.ATCNews.org release relevant information.
For now should passengers destined to Juba consult their respective airlines and passengers intent to leave Juba remain in contact with airport airline staff to obtain status updates. It is not recommended that travelers leave for the airport until air traffic has been restored.

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