Tape on aircraft engine kicks off social media storm


(Posted 20th July 2019)


On a recent flight (guess which airline) we flew on a wing, prayer and sticky tape! 😬‘ wrote Daniel Kalinaki in a tweet earlier today, triggering an avalanche of comments which went way beyond just his Twitter account.

As the wave of ReTweets swamped his timeline, he then added: ‘I must add: normally I’d let even this slide. But previous leg, same airline, diff plane, pax on in-bound flight had been sick in my allocated seat. It. Hadn’t. Been. Cleaned!‘ prompting yet more comments about the unnamed airline, though informed readers may of course add two and two when seeing the colours of the engine.

One Caroline Kere then waded into the exchange with the following tweets:


Thanks to YouTube was some level of information received what happens in the airline maintenance shops when something needs to be fixed on the double, and should throw some light on why this aircraft’s engine was taped over. That said, if a permanent fix is not applied very very quickly, and the aircraft will remain in service as it is shown, then indeed more searching questions need to be asked as to the reasons behind it and about the safety culture, or non culture at that place.


Enjoy the explanation in the YouTube video and if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the airline in question – which continues to remain unnamed 😎

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