Tour D’EAC 2019 set for Kampala launch on 01st of August


(Posted 21st July 2019)


The launch of the 2019 edition of the Tour D’EAC is now just 10 days away, expected to take place in Kampala on the 01st of August.
The cycling tour across the entire Eastern African region will be flagged off at the Uganda Independence Monument in the heart of the city, located just below the Sheraton Kampala Hotel and opposite the Grand Imperial Hotel.


Wrote John Balongo, the brain and main driver behind the event, to ATCNews: ‘It all begins at 8 AM on August 1st with the official Flag Off of the 2019 Tour D’EAC in Kampala at the Independence Monument. Ceremonies start at 07:00, so be there in plenty of time!
We are honoured that the Rt.Hon. Dr. Kirunda Ali Kivejinja, the 2nd Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of East African Community Affairs, Uganda will be present as Master of Ceremonies and to flag the tour off on its journey.
27 full tour riders will start the tour. All being well they will finish, tired but exultant, in the same place 50 days later.
Already confirmed to be with them on Stage 1, which will end 117 Km later in Iganga, will be 30 riders from the different club’s cycling club and 15 para riders.
We’re hoping that hundreds more will join us for at least a part of the day’s ride!
Families and riders of all ages and descriptions are welcome!
(please note that there is no fee to join the tour but a small contribution from riders and well wishers towards the tour would be greatly appreciated)‘.

He then continued to explain some details about the cycling event, of which ATCNews was a media partner from the inaugural race several years ago: ‘This is East Africa’s Longest cycling event. It runs for 50 days and covers some 4300 Km of cycling through the 5 East African countries.
The ride starts at Independence Monument in Kampala and it ends at the same place 50 days later. En route it travels through Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda before re-entering Uganda for the final stages.
Each day will be a stage where riders can join for as much, or as little as they want!


(An overview of the tour’s challenges while in Kenya)

After what is supposed to be an easy start from Kampala to the border with Kenya, will the challenges then go up a few notches, as John Balongo further explains: ‘In Kenya, the Tour changes gears as it travels south to the border crossing with Tanzania. On the way riders get their first test of elevation while riding through spectacular scenery. In Nairobi, the tour stops for 2 days to give riders a break and to allow time for festivities to celebrate the tour.

There are 7 stages in Kenya. As it travels though the country, the route will cover 675 Km with 7400 metres of climbing and 7200 metres of descending. Sounds easy, but that is deceiving!

Stage 3 – August 3 -Malaba to Eldoret. Total Distance: 128 km
Stage 4 – August 4 – Eldoret to Awasi. Total Distance: 96 Km
Stage 5 – August 5 – Awasi to Nakuru. Total Distance: 138 km
Stage 6 – August 6 – Nakuru to Limuru, Total Distance: 121 km
Stage 7 – August 7 Limuru to Nairobi. Total Distance: 32.6 km.

In Nairobi the tour will rest for 2 days

Stage 8 – August 10 – Nairobi to Kajiado. Total Distance: 75.7 km
Stage 9 – August 11 – Kajiado to Longido‘.

ATCNews will cover the event’s various stages whenever updates from the tour reach but meanwhile does the following map give an overview of the route across Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda, before returning to Uganda in September.


Donations, in cash and kind, continue to be welcome in the run up to the start of the tour and also throughout the event.
Well wishers can contact John via WhatsApp +256752483680 or through the email contact shown above.

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