#Fastjet #Zimbabwe apologizes to customers over schedule changes


(Posted 23rd July 2019)


Fastjet Zimbabwe overnight extended their apologies to their customers for the unintended inconveniences realised due to maintenance on their aircraft, which has resulted in some recent flight disruptions.

Owing to both scheduled aircraft maintenance and an additional technical fault on another aircraft, Fastjet’s schedule suffered ad-hoc flight disruptions such as flight cancellations and delays. The airline tried to keep their customer informed and updates were issued through the company website and social media pages over the past several days.

Fastjet in a public statement on their website said they would like to apologise for the inconveniences experienced by customers.

Fastjet Airlines Zimbabwe, and their technical team remain resolute to the regulated requirement of all aircraft maintenance and are working to resolve any matters within the shortest time permissible.

Fastjet’s safety values remain a top priority and extend reassurance to all their Customers that this shall not be compromised, and hence decisions affecting flight schedules. Customers are advised that the airline may continue to implement flight changes as may be required, in accordance with the airlines service and business contingency plans‘.

The airline operates flights between Harare and Bulawayo, Harare and Victoria Falls and from Harare to Johannesburg.

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