Ethiopian Airlines brings media, travel agents and influencers to Addis Ababa


(Posted 27th July 2019)


(Members of the group seen at Entebbe International Airport upon their return from Ethiopia in the company of Ethiopian Airlines Area Manager Uganda Mrs. Aziza Mohammed and Entebbe Station Manager Talila Abdissa)

Ethiopian Airlines and Ethiopian Holidays last week flew a group of invited guests from Uganda to Addis Ababa. The aim of the tour was to sample the new Ethiopian Skylight Hotel, see the city’s tourism highlights, interact with Ethiopian Holidays staff to learn more about Destination Ethiopia and then embark on a three day trip to check out the Kuriftu Resort near Bishoftu.

ATCNews’s, already regularly engaged with the Ethiopian Tourism Organization, has made Ethiopia the publication’s feature country for 2019/2020 and is regularly showcasing the destination and key events like the annual Meskel Festival. (

Staff of the Ethiopian Skylight Hotel conducted a guided tour around the hotel soon after arrival last Monday before the group then departed to the famous Habesha Restaurant to enjoy a genuine Ethiopian meal and song and dance performances on stage. The group’s reaction was one of amazement about the antics of some of the dancers while enjoying the best of Ethiopian cuisine.


Kuriftu Resorts then took over the transport logistics on Tuesday, starting with a tour of the city of Addis Ababa, passing such landmarks as the African Union Head Quarters, the luxurious Sheraton Addis Ababa Hotel, the seat of the UN’s Economic Commision for Africa and other UN bodies, which’ presence make Addis Ababa, after New York and Geneva, the third most important city hosting global bodies and of course the first in Africa. In passing could one also see two of the old palaces, now used as residences and offices of both the President and the Prime Minister.
A highlight of the tour was a visit to the National Museum of Ethiopia where the remains of the oldest skeleton of a human being, found in Ethiopia and estimated to be some 3.2 million years old, is kept on display.

Following another genuine Ethiopian dishes meal for lunch at the Kuriftu company’s Diplomat Restaurant, did the journey then lead out of Addis towards Kuriftu.


Located at a crater lake is the sprawling resort a popular weekend spot for people from Addis Ababa, either for the day or to stay.


A Spa is one of the attractions, as is kayaking on the lake and bird watchers will have a field day identifying species. The resort also offers regular circus appearances for their guests, providing plenty of active leisure options for visitors.

A new water park is under construction at Kuriftu and when ready will arguably be the largest in Eastern Africa with separate installations for children and for teenagers and grown ups.

ATCNews will in coming weeks showcase Ethiopia’s top ten tourism destinations, all reachable either by road or by air with Ethiopian Airlines, among them such absolute highlights like Lalibella, Gondar, the Omo Valley, Erta Ale, Harar, the Simien Mountains and more.

Many thanks to all the hosts who made the trip enjoyable and who provided accurate and plentiful of information, answering a barrage of questions about Ethiopia from the group members, Ethiopian Airlines, Ethiopian Holidays and Kuriftu Resorts.

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